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Borehole Pumps

What is a borehole pump?

A pump is used to extract water or another type of liquid from a borehole. Boreholes are narrow shafts drilled vertically into the ground, usually for the purposes of extracting petroleum, water, or other types of natural gas from below the ground. The holes are made using a drilling rig that creates a borehole with specific dimensions so that the bore hole pump can fit through with very little clearance on all sides.

How do they work?

Because borehole pumps come into direct contact with minerals in the soil, they are typically made of corrosion resistant materials. They consist of two main components: a foot part that houses the pumping mechanism and makes contact with the fluid to be pumped; and the head part, which serves as the weight-bearing portion and the outlet for the fluid. Because boreholes are rounded and usually very narrow, there aren’t many types of pumps that can fit inside. The best options are lineshaft turbine pumps or submersible turbine pumps. Most also contain some sort of suction screen that blocks sand and soil components from being drawn through the pump.

Where are they used?

Borehole pumps are used in a variety of fields including irrigation, municipal water supply, construction, mining, and industry.

Other related Pump Types include: submersible pump, well pump, water pump, irrigation pump, dewatering pump.

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