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Paint Pumps

What is a paint pump?

A type of chemical pump specially designed to dispense paint, either for direct application or into a separate paint container. They're common components within electric paint sprayers, which are used by professionals to paint large surfaces quickly and efficiently. There are also lower-tech types used simply to draw paint out of a drum or a smaller paint container.

How do they work?

In order to function in a paint sprayer, a paint pump must meet a few criteria. First, it must be able to generate a steady and even flow of liquid without so much pressure that the paint mists or splatters. Second, because paint is generally a heavier liquid, the pump must have sufficient power to create that steady flow with no dripping. Third, the mechanism of the pump must not make contact with the paint itself, which means that pistons pumps and diaphragm pumps are ideal. Fourth, the internal components that do come into contact with the paint must be non-corrosive.

In addition to paint pumps that work inside of paint sprayers, there are also drum pumps, which can be useful for drawing paint out of a barrel. Smaller, non-electric versions of drum pumps may be used for dispensing paint from a smaller container without having to pour. All of these types of pumps need to be cleaned out after they’ve been used by pumping water through them. Otherwise the dried paint can lead to blockage.

Other related Pump Types include: AODD pump, hydraulic pump, high pressure pump.

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