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Pump buyers have many different options when it comes to purchasing a pump. There are several different types of pump companies that can assist with the purchasing inquiry. Below are a few main categories.

- Pump manufacturers: Most buyers don't work directly with pump manufacturers. However, some manufacturers do work under contract for large companies that have specialized needs. For example, if you're a chemical processing company that needs and can afford a very specific type of pump, you might work directly with a pump manufacturer to produce a pump that is custom designed for your needs.

- Pump distributors: Pump distributors are independent pump suppliers that serve as intermediaries between manufacturers and suppliers. Some sell pumps made by specific manufacturers, while others can work to provide buyers with pumps from a vast pool of sources. Pump distributors are usually the best option for small or mid-sized companies that may need assistance in the selection and installation of pumps. Many distributors employ experts who can consult with companies to choose the right pumps, and some offer repair and troubleshooting services for the pumps they sell.

- Pump representatives: Pump representatives are individuals or small firms that essentially do the same work as pump distributors, but the representative doesn't take ownership of the pump. Representatives work on a commission from the pump manufacturers, as opposed to distributors, which buy and resell pumps. Many pump representatives are trained engineers with expertise and industry connections. Like pump distributors, some representatives can also assist in the on-site installation of pumps.

- Retail pump sellers: For buyers who know exactly what they need, there are also retail sellers that offer wide selections of pumps. While many large hardware stores have at least a limited selection of pumps, online stores are often the best bet for hard-to-find or highly specialized pumps.

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Choosing the right slurry pump

Author explains the reasons why it's important to determine the right pump type and size when evaluating a pump for a slurry application.

Self-priming pumps offer industrial users many advantages

J. Hamilton Wright shows us some of the benefits that self-priming, centrifugal pumps can offer in industrial plants.

5 key tips for specifying a pump

Pumps are available in many different types and configurations. The key to finding the right pump for the job involves asking the right questions.

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Industry Updates

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SPX acquisition of CLYDEUNION Pumps now complete

SPX Corporation has completed its acquisition of CLYDEUNION Pumps, a global pump supplier and maker of technologies used in oil and gas processing, power generation and other industrial applications.

Colfax debuts new series of progressing cavity pumps

Colfax Fluid Handling recently introduced its Allweiler All-Optiflow series of progressing cavity pumps for use in waste, wastewater treatment and paper manufacturing applications.

Xylem to expand dewatering rental service in Brazil

Xylem plans to expand its dewatering rental departments in Sao Paula, Minas Gerais, and Rio de Janeiro and launch new dewatering rental services.

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KSB introduces immersion variant of high-pressure pump. The new pump, called Movitec VCl, is a vertical, multistage centrifugal pump that can be used for handling coolants, condensate and lubricants for machine tools. The pump has a max flow rate of 27 m3/hr and the maximum discharge head is 250 m.

Chilean pump manufacturer Neptuno Pumps has been awarded a contract to supply a dozen vertical turbine pumps for a reclaim water system project at a copper mine in Chile.

United Technologies Corp plans to sell pump manufacturers Milton Roy and Sundyne. Among other things Milton Roy specializes in metering pumps and centrifugal pumps. Sundyne manufactures industrial pumps and compressors for the process fluid and gas industries.

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