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Pump Distributors

Pump distributors are companies that serve as intermediaries between pump manufacturers and the companies and buyers. They have various levels of involvement with the manufacturers—and some work under contract with certain pump makers—while different companies have different capabilities when it comes to assisting buyers. They're particularly useful for small to mid-sized companies that need pumps but have little in-house expertise relating to pumping technology. Larger companies often work directly with manufacturers.

On the low level of involvement, some pump distributors are little more than vendors that connect knowledgeable buyers with the right pumps for their needs. For example, these distributors may be large hardware stores or simple pump vendor websites. On the other side of the spectrum, there are other distributors that do much more than just sell. For instance, if you know that your company needs a pump but you're not quite sure exactly which pump will best suit your needs, there are some pump distributors who can work directly with you to determine which pump is best. If you work with a company in your area, you may be able to get an on-site consultation from a pump expert. Some distributors even go so far as to assemble, install, and repair the pumps they sell.

Most large distributors now have strong web presences, including websites that provide detailed explanations of the products and services they can provide. This benefits buyers by making it very easy to shop around and weigh the pros and cons of working with different companies.

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Expert Advice

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A practical approach to solving pump problems

Who said that pump problem solving is difficult. Pump guru Ross Mackay provides a practical approach to pump reliability.

What the pump was designed to do, and why it doesn't do it

Pump expert Ross Mackay describes what pumps were designed to do, and why they don't always do it. He explains that most of the control actually rests within the system.

Vertical Turbine Pumps - Advice on buying and installing

Understanding a few key factors before buying a vertical turbine pump can prevent unnecessary maintenance costs. Author provides some advice when shopping for and installing the pumps motor, discharge head, bowl assembly, and column & lineshaft.

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Industry Updates

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Report projects global power industry to purchase $3.5 billion in pumps

The McIvaine Pumps World Market report projects that pump purchases by the power industry will reach nearly $3.5 billion this year. The forecast puts the bulk of those purchases in East Asia, followed by West Asia and Western Europe.

Treadle pumps transform farms, lives

A recent National Geographic story notes the water-lifting device called a treadle pump as one of most transformative technologies ever developed.

Pump global pump market estimated at $45 billion by 2017

Pumps continue to be big business. The world market for pumps used by industry, municipalities and for irrigation will total an estimated $45 billion by 2017.

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Pump Tweets

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Sulzer agrees to purchase Spanish pump company Hidrotecar SA. With the acquisition hopes to improve its water pump business throughout Europe, Middle East and Aftrica.

United Technologies Corp plans to sell pump manufacturers Milton Roy and Sundyne. Among other things Milton Roy specializes in metering pumps and centrifugal pumps. Sundyne manufactures industrial pumps and compressors for the process fluid and gas industries.

Lufkin Industries plans to purchase Zenith Oilfield Technology. Zenith is a developer of systems for down-hole monitoring, data gathering and control systems. The company also offers real-time optimization and control devices specifically for electric submersible pumps (ESPs) and progressing cavity pumps (PCPs).

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