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DC Powered Pumps

What is a DC Powered Pump?

A type of pump that uses direct current charge to power the motor. They're useful for many purposes, particularly in rural locations that are far from power sources. Like gas-fueled pumps, they don't have to be connected to an electric grid. But they also offer advantages that many gas-fueled pumps don't have -- they're safer, they tend to last longer, and they don't have to be regularly refueled. While batteries are the most common power sources, solar power is an increasingly popular source of DC power.

Where are they used?

DC Power may be applied to many different types of pumps that are needed in rural areas — for example, well pumps that draw well water from under ground, sump pumps that are used to prevent basement flooding, or booster pumps that are used to push wastewater to a faraway location.

They're also good for pumps that are only activated intermittently to deal with sudden flooding or high water levels. Using a DC powered pump prevents the user from having to connect the pump to a power source. They're also good for pumping from water sources that are far away from electrical outlets, such as rivers, streams, or natural rural ponds. However, they usually aren't powerful enough to send water long distances.

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Pentair buys Tyco's flow control business

In a move that combines two of the biggest players in water and fluid products systems, Pentair recently announced that it’s combining its operations with Tyco's flow control business. The Associated Press reported that the deal is worth about $4.53 billion.

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Franklin Electric acquires majority stake in Pioneer Pump Holdings

Franklin Electric recently announced that it completed its acquisition of a majority stake of Pioneer Pump Holdings Inc., the holding company for Pioneer Pump Inc. in Canby, Oregon and Pioneer Pump Limited in Rattlesden, England.

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Sulzer agrees to purchase Spanish pump company Hidrotecar SA. With the acquisition hopes to improve its water pump business throughout Europe, Middle East and Aftrica.

Chilean pump manufacturer Neptuno Pumps has been awarded a contract to supply a dozen vertical turbine pumps for a reclaim water system project at a copper mine in Chile.

KSB introduces immersion variant of high-pressure pump. The new pump, called Movitec VCl, is a vertical, multistage centrifugal pump that can be used for handling coolants, condensate and lubricants for machine tools. The pump has a max flow rate of 27 m3/hr and the maximum discharge head is 250 m.

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