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Double Diaphragm Pumps

What is a double diaphragm pump?

A type of positive displacement pump used to move fluid through a piping system. Like standard diaphragm pumps, they use flexible surfaces to expand and contract a pumping chamber, thus moving fluid in and out. However, where a standard diaphragm pump uses a single diaphragm, these pumps use two diaphragms, one on each side of the chamber.

The primary advantage is that they can create a larger amount of pressure than standard diaphragm pumps, and the double-sided action of the motor creates a smoother flow.

How do they work?

There are many possible configurations for double diaphragm pumps, the most common involving an internal motor chamber that is set inside of the fluid chamber. A motorized reciprocating device—usually a piston or a plunger—alternately compresses each diaphragm at a steady rate. Like most positive displacement pumps, the airtight fluid chamber has valves on each side which control the direction of the fluid flow. As the fluid leaves on one side, the resulting vacuum causes more fluid to be drawn through the intake.

Where are they used?

These pumps are used for a wide range of purposes across many industries. They're often used to move heavy materials such as paint, glue, ink, oil, sludge, mud, and other viscous chemicals.

Other related Pump Types include: industrial pump, reciprocating pump, sludge pump.

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Industry Updates

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German positive displacement pump manufacturer wins customer service award

Frost & Sullivan recently recognized German pump manufacturer NETZSCH with is 2011 Global Award for Customer Value Enhancement. The company earned the accolades for its customer focus and dedication to innovation, according to the Frost & Sullivan news release.

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Pump Tweets

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Almatec, a manufacturer of air operated double diaphragm pumps launches a new website for the solar market. The new website, located at AlmatecSolar.com, features the companies E-Series pneumatic diaphragm pumps used in the solar-cell production.

WEF has awarded ITT Corporation's Water and Wastewater group the 2011 Innovative Technology Award. ITT Water & Wastewater - Flygt Products was awarded in the category of "collection systems", for Flygt's patented N-pump. The N-pump features a clog-resistant design and is equipped with the newly-designed Adaptive Impeller functionality.

Bell & Gossett sets the Fall 2011 course training schedule for its Little Red Schoolhouse Education Center in Morton Grove, Illinois. The seminars deliver various pump and system topics to engineers, contractors and facility maintenance professionals. Visit http://completewatersystems.com/brands/bell-gossett/ for more details.

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