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Hose Pumps

What is a hose pump?

A hose pump is another name for a peristaltic pump. They are a type of positive displacement pumps that uses a roller device to move a fluid through a tube or hose. The main advantage is the fluid being pumped makes no contact with the air or the pumping mechanism itself. This makes hose pumps useful for pumping fluids that are corrosive or dangerous.

How do they work?

There are three main components: A pumping chamber, which is usually circular; the hose, which runs in a circle around the outside of the pumping chamber; and a rotor, which is usually housed in the middle of the chamber. It’s usually made with a tubing material that is compatible with many types of chemicals, and it's connected on either end to the intake and outlet for the pumping mechanism. The rotor rotates in a circular motion through the pump, pressing down on the hose as it rotates, which forces the fluid to move through the hose. The pump can use either a single circular rotor or multiple rotors that press on the hose at intervals.

Where are they used?

They are useful in industrial and municipal sites where fluids need to be moved at precisely metered rates. Because the fluid touches nothing but the hose, this makes them useful for handling materials such as bleaches, slurries, alkali, colorants, acids, inks, and other types of solutions that are difficult to pump.

Here is a comprehensive list of hose pump manufacturers.

Other related Pump Types include: pressure pump, high pressure pump, chemical pump, process pump, booster pump.

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