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Regenerative Turbine Pumps

What is a regenerative turbine pump?

A type of centrifugal pump that uses a rotating impeller to increase the velocity of the fluid. However, the impeller on a regenerative turbine pump looks quite different from a centrifugal type impeller. The impeller has radially oriented buckets or teeth, which make the impeller look more like a turbine rotor.

How do they work?

As the impeller of the pump rotates, building the velocity of the liquid, it moves the liquid in a circular path through the turbine buckets. The circular path through the buckets provides the diffusion that converts velocity to pressure. The pump can build much higher head (pressure) than a traditional centrifugal pump, and in a more compact machine. Because the clearances in regenerative turbine pumps are much tighter than in a traditional centrifugal pump, the pumped liquid must be very clean. Also, the tighter clearances make this pump type noisier than a traditional centrifugal pump. The shape of the pump head-capacity curve in the pump is much steeper than for a traditional centrifugal type. And, the horsepower versus capacity curve is reversed from a traditional centrifugal type, with the highest horsepower being back toward zero flow.

Where are they used?

Because this pump is capable of moving high-temperature fluids at high pressures, they're useful in a wide range of industrial applications. They're commonly found in small boiler feed services in bakeries, dry cleaners, breweries, and other commercial plants, and are also used to circulate cooling water in lasers and other machines where high head is required.

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Industry Updates

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National Pump and Compressor to provide federal government with pumps

National Pump and Compressor is now certified to provide goods and services to the federal government with its new GSA Schedule 56 contract. The pump company has placed its extensive line of industrial pumps on the General Services Administration's electronic ordering system, GSA Advantage.

German positive displacement pump manufacturer wins customer service award

Frost & Sullivan recently recognized German pump manufacturer NETZSCH with is 2011 Global Award for Customer Value Enhancement. The company earned the accolades for its customer focus and dedication to innovation, according to the Frost & Sullivan news release.

Compare pumps and calculate savings with Colfax's new online calculator

Colfax Fluid Handling has created an online energy savings calculator for oil and gas industry pump applications, World Pumps reports. The calculator allows comparisons between centrifugal pumps and rotary positive displacement pumps in single and multiple pump applications.

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Pump Tweets

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Chilean pump manufacturer Neptuno Pumps has been awarded a contract to supply a dozen vertical turbine pumps for a reclaim water system project at a copper mine in Chile.

KSB introduces immersion variant of high-pressure pump. The new pump, called Movitec VCl, is a vertical, multistage centrifugal pump that can be used for handling coolants, condensate and lubricants for machine tools. The pump has a max flow rate of 27 m3/hr and the maximum discharge head is 250 m.

Colfax introduces an online energy savings calculator for oil and gas industry pump applications. The calculator allows head-to-head comparisons between centrifugal pumps and rotary positive displacement pumps in both single and multiple pump applications. Check it out at the Colfax website.

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