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Rotary Lobe Pump Innovation

Contributed by: Jeff Helm at NETZSCH

In designing the TORNADO® T2 rotary lobe pump, NETZSCH engineers challenged the traditional conceptions of rotary pump design in an effort to increase pump reliability, ease of maintenance, performance, and decrease cost.

For example, while most rotary lobe pumps are constructed with rubber-covered lobes that rotate within a metal housing, often with bolted-in metal wear liners, NETZSCH took a different approach with its design. The TORNADO T2 has lobes of steel that run inside a rubber housing with an elastomer liner, similar to the simple metal- rotor/rubber-stator construction of progressive cavity pumps. This design does not require O-rings or gaskets, resulting in a wear-resistant and simplistic pump that can be easily maintained.

In addition, a set of timing gears has been an integral part of rotary lobe pump design. But borrowing technology from the automotive industry, the TORNADO T2 pump operates without a set of timing gears and instead employs a single, synchronous toothed timing belt. This innovative design eliminates the gearbox and the need for a second reduction component to the pump assembly, cutting down on maintenance time and costs. Because there is no oil to replace or maintain or timing gears that may fail, the need for pump replacement significantly decreases.

NETZSCH Tornado Rotary Lobe Pump

NETZSCH engineers integrated a pulsation reduction system into the rotary lobe design as well to minimize the problem of pulsation downstream while retaining the durability and simplicity of bi-lobe rotors, which are ideal for solids handling. The system is equivalent to using a multi-lobe rotor, composed of channels molded into the rubber walls of the liner that release the lobe energy and reduce pulsation.

The rotary lobe pump housing includes integrally cast round flanges that allow full flange-to-flange access during servicing in addition to a unique seal design that reduces risk of leaks and catastrophic pump failure.

During maintenance, full “service-in-place” ensures easy access to mechanical seals, rotors, liners, and for timing the lobes, expediting the process without necessitating full disassembly. The TORNADO T2 simplifies the maintenance process by including a specially designed tool that radially and axially aligns the lobes to set the timing of the pump more quickly than traditional rotary pump tools.

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