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200 KSB Pumps to Be Supplied to 3 Egyptian Power Stations

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

KSB Group, a leading producer of pumps and valves for a variety of industries including water, wastewater, chemical, nuclear, and more, has just received a multi-million euro order to provide 200 pumps to 3 new power stations that are set to be built in Egypt. KSB is a good pick for the new project because it offers worldwide service with more than 16,000 employees. The pump manufacturer is involved in research and development, making it one of the most technologically advanced pump and valve suppliers in the world, which is exactly what the 3 new power stations in Egypt need.

The total order is quite substantial. It includes 36 boiler feed pumps, 24 condensate pumps, 8 cooling water pumps, and 132 process pumps. Of course, all products supplied by KSB come with the pump manufacturer’s high-quality customer service.

The equipment itself boasts impressive statistics. Each of the 36 boiler feed pumps can cover flow rates of up to 500 cubic meters per hour with heads of 2,000 meters and more.

The electrical drive ratings are impressive as well. Each pump set has an electrical drive rating of 3,550 kW and each one weighs 18 tons.

Although the three new power stations will be constructed in Egypt, the project isn’t being conducted there. Instead, the customer is a German power station construction company. The German company has been specially commissioned by the Egyptian government because of its experience. The hope is that the power station construction company will be able to extend Egypt’s power supply system.

The start of the project is scheduled at the end of 2016 when shipment of the first few units will take place. HGC brand pumps from KSB are scheduled to be installed in Egypt’s 3 new power stations after shipment is received.

Source: KSB