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Almatec's E-series pumps provide advantages when working with slurry

Pump manufacturer Almatec’s E-Series air-operated diaphragm pumps take the hassle out of working with slurry by providing operational advantages and reliability, accordingto a company news release.

Slurry is a cutting liquid used during the making of solar cells. Made of silicon and polyethylene glycol, slurry is an abrasive liquid that wears away the surface of the solar cell wafer until the correct precision is reached.

The cutting liquid must be mixed at a high temperature before it’s used and is generally pumped into wafer creation machine from storage tanks. During the solar cell manufacture process the slurry gets polluted by silicon particles, iron and other byproducts.

Polluted slurry is unusable.To save on costs, many solar-cell manufactures recover and reuse the cutting liquid. Almatec’s E-Series AOD pumps are made of polyethylene and are able to handle the demands of slurry at any step in this process.

The solid-block construction is suitable for the abrasive liquid and the hard, sharp silicon waste -- it also lengthens the pump’s life cycle and eliminates many maintenance concerns. For slurry applications diaphragms and ball valves in EPDM are frequently used. And the E-Series pumps also feature the patented PERSWING P maintenance-free air-control system, which allows for greater flexibility in solar-cell applications.

Almatec also specializes in pneumatic pumps.