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Amarinth Manufactures Titanium Pumps for ADMA-OPCO Umm Lulu Development Project

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

Amarinth, a leading manufacturer of pumps for the industrial, chemical, and petrochemical industries, has recently delivered four sodium hypochlorite dosing pumps to ADMA-OPCO for use on the Umm Lulu Development Project in Abu Dhabi.

The project is part of a strategic initiative to pump 1.75 million barrels of crude oil a day by 2017, eventually increasing Abu Dhabi’s total crude oil production to 3.5 million barrels a day.

Amarinth was approached by Cumberland to deliver the titanium pumps with a 24 week delivery date. Dealing with the issue of sodium hypochlorite made this deadline even more challenging because it’s so corrosive that traditional super-duplex materials cannot be used. Plastic components were considered, but eventually had to be ruled out because there were quite a few reliability issues and high failure rates. Cumberland then had to seek out a new solution to the problem.

Because Amarinth has experience casting in exotic materials, it was the only pump manufacturer that would fit the bill for this challenging project. In order to minimize sodium hypochlorite corrosion, the pump manufacturer suggested titanium alloy for the wetted parts, which included the casing, impeller, and shaft. Amarinth’s ability to successfully deliver high-specification requirements in the past was also a reason for Cumberland’s interest in the pump manufacturer.

The titanium was sourced and casting began, although the process had to be carefully controlled using the latest technologies. Having overcome the challenges, the four titanium pumps have been manufactured and assembled and will be commissioned during the first half of 2016.

Oliver Brigginshaw, Managing Director of Amarinth, adds, “We are delighted to have met these demanding requirements, and our engineering team surpassed all expectations in delivering the titanium pumps against such tight deadlines, further underlining our capabilities in designing and manufacturing high-specification pumps for the most arduous of duties. The confidence shown in Amarinth by Cumberland and ADMO-OPCO has once again enabled us to demonstrate our commitment to the Middle East oil and gas market.”

Source: Amarinth