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Aussie Pump Offers a New Range of High Capacity Kubota Pumps

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

Aussie Pump, a pump manufacturer that specializes in self-priming centrifugal transfer pumps, has introduced a new range of Kubota powered “Drought Buster” Pumps that include three- and four-inch sizes. The new pumps offer fast self-priming and vertical lifts from creeks, rivers, and dams up to 8.4 meters high.

The pumps feature an oil and air cooled design that allows the engine to run at a lower temperature than conventional air cooled engines. The four-inch model can transfer fluid at a flow rate of 1,600 lpm with delivery heads of up to 28 m and pressures over 40 psi. The smaller, three-inch model transfers fluid at a flow rate of 1,300 lpm matched to a higher head of 30 m vertical lift and pressures up to 43 psi. Both pumps utilize a tested and approved Kubota engine.

The self-priming pumps feature cast iron impellers that are able to pass small solids in suspension. Carbon/ceramic seals are fitted as standard with Buna N Nitrile elastomers, and the gusher castings are made from marine grade aluminum. Heavy-duty galvanized steel roll frames and sub bases come standard with anti-vibration mounts. With all of these features, the pumps are effective on construction sites as dewatering pumps, as well as moving water from dam to dam in order to maximize efficiency.

“The Kubotas run as smooth as silk, even under load,” says Farrugia. “The advanced cooling three Vortex system that combines oil-cooled combustion chamber and air cooled cylinder really works.”

Both pumps come with 5-year engine warranties and Kubota’s 2-year warranty regarding faulty workmanship or materials.

Professional distributors are located across the United States and offer domestic and international support for products that are both in and out of warranty. Low-cost maintenance kits are also available to customers.

The pumps are priced significantly lower than comparable products, making them especially accessible to farmers and contractors.

“The Kubota’s represent great value for money with their diesel fuel economy being matched only by the real economics of pumping large quantities of water at the lowest cost per liter of fuel!” says Farrugia.

Source: Aussie Pump