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Automatik Plastics Machinery Features its DURO 2000 Belt Dryer

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

The DURO belt dryer is specially designed for drying abrasive and sensitive compounds. It is used primarily in underwater pelletizing. Using the DURO belt dryer significantly reduces operating costs because the innovative design of its pellet-contacting components means very little wear occurs in operation.

DURO gently dries glass fiber reinforced products or high-fill mineral compounds to residual pellet moisture levels of less than 0.1 %. Gentle treatment of the pellets minimizes dust and greatly enhances product quality.

DURO is particularly suitable to operations involving frequent product changes because it is very quick and easy to clean.

The wide range of available options means it can be easily retrofitted in existing pelletizing systems so as always to ensure optimally tailored drying variants.

The machine will be shown during K in October in Düsseldorf.

Source: Maag press release


Autmatik DURO 2000 belt dryer