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Blackmer GX and X Series Pumps Help Optimize Oilfield Operations

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

Blackmer® is a global leader in positive displacement pump, centrifugal pump, and reciprocating compressor technologies. The pump company designed and manufactured its GX and X Series sliding vane pumps for oilfield fluid-transfer applications that require safe, effective and efficient handling of non-corrosive industrial liquids and petroleum products, including gasoline, fuel oils, and lube oils. The pumps’ high-suction capabilities are ideal for stripping lines and removing the heel from storage tanks, railcars, and transport tankers.

The models are available in cast iron materials of construction and four port sizes: 2-, 2.5-, 3- and 4-inch. The pumps operate via Blackmer’s unique sliding vane pumping principle. This allows the pump to self-adjust for wear, maintaining desired flow rates while still offering excellent self-priming and dry run capabilities. They also feature specialized mechanical seal and ball- bearing construction for maximum reliability and a symmetrical bearing-support system that ensures even loading and longer wear life. The pump’s external ball-bearing construction isolates them from the pumpage, minimizing contamination risks. In addition, an adjustable relief protects against excessive pumping pressures and the pump’s vanes can be easily replaced without requiring removal of the pump from the piping system.

The GX Series pump features an integral head-mounted gear-reduction drive with oil-lubricated and hardened helical gears. Its gear shafts are supported at both ends by ball bearings, ensuring smooth operation and long life, while a splined reducer and pump shaft with dowel-mounted reducer case enables simplified pump and reducer alignment.

The reducer can be rotated on the pump head to accommodate a wide variety of motor sizes without the need for shimming. These features result in a superior product that delivers compact and cost-effective performance in oilfield applications, making it a top choice among customers.

Source: PSGDover.com