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Blackmer ML and HXL sliding vane pumps designed for reliability

Blackmer recently announced that its ML and HXL Series sliding vane pumps are designed to provide consistent reliability -- even under demanding applications -- for a wide variety of liquid-terminal operations. The ML and HXL pumps are perfect for transferring liquids including petroleum products, diesel fuel, lube oils, bunker C, molasses, resins and solvents.

The Blackmer pumps ML and HXL pumps meet the strict demands of liquid-terminal operations because they have been designed for high-capacity product transfer, top and bottom loading and the unloading of liquids. The pumps are ideal for transferring petroleum and other liquid products from transports and above ground or underground storage tanks to mixers because of their suction and self-priming capabilities, which allow them to strip tanks, barges and rail cars. They can also run dry, which is useful when attempting gravity-fed operations in cold temperatures.

Both models feature Blackmer’s sliding-vane-technology principles, which guarantee consistent volumetric-output performance, even after significant in-service time. This eliminates the efficiency-robbing “slip” that shortens lobe and gear pump life, and improves production yields by stripping lines clean of residual product. The ML and HXL Series pumps both provide smooth, sliding vane action without metal-to-metal contact, which reduces pump friction, eliminates galling and minimizes agitation of fluids, resulting in shear-sensitive, mild handling of thin liquids without product degradation.

Blackmer is a leading global provider of innovative and high-quality rotary vane pumps, centrifugal pumps, peristaltic pumps, and reciprocating compressor technologies for the transfer of liquids and gasses.