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Busch Central Vacuum Products Offer Efficient Cheese Packing

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

Busch, a manufacturer of vacuum pumps and systems, has supplied DMK Deutsches Milchkontor GmbH, one of the largest dairy companies in Germany, with a centralized vacuum system for its packing machines. The sliced cheese and mozzarella produced are vacuum packed after processing with this equipment.

A wide variety of sliced cheeses are packaged in three packaging lines by thermoforming machines. Two other machines package mozzarella in different sized blocks. Energy management is important, especially since DMK follows ISO 50001 standards. To reduce system energy consumption, all five thermoforming machines have reduced vacuum pumps, and they are located away from the production area.

Air conditioning costs were also skyrocketing because of the heat emitted by the vacuum pumps. Busch instead recommended a centralized vacuum system, which won the vacuum pump manufacturer the contract to design, build, install, and commission the system, which was completed in October, 2014. After a year of operation, the new system was able to save 100,000 kW/h, which resulted in energy costs of 15,000 Euros.

Multiple features contribute to such impressive savings, but the vacuum control system is the main reason for all the savings because only the vacuum pumps needed to meet demand are in operation at any one time. In addition, the vacuum is supplied by a pipework system with three separate vacuum circuits:

  • Rough Vacuum – Vacuum pumps maintain a permanent rough vacuum of between 30 and 40 mbar. It is available directly at the packaging point to evacuate the packaging to rough vacuum level.
  • Medium Vacuum – These modules evacuate the packaging chamber and packaging from rough vacuum level to the final package pressure of less than five mbar. The final pressure is achieved rapidly, which allows for short cycle times. A two-stage process provides energy efficiency.
  • Forming Vacuum – This circuit is used to form plastic foil into trays and functions between 100 and 200 mbar.

DMK is completely satisfied with Busch and its vacuum supply energy reduction project. Energy savings have been exceeded and the project was completed without technical difficulties.

Source: Busch Central Vacuum