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Caprari Group Celebrates 70 Years of Integrated Water Cycle Management

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

Caprari is an international enterprise established by Amadio Caprari in 1945. The company has successfully manufactured centrifugal pumps and created advanced integrated water cycle management solutions for civil and industrial use since 1945. The pump manufacturer is celebrating 70 years of integrated water cycle management by continuing to provide high-quality products that include borehole pumps, vertical turbine pumps, surface pumps, drainage pumps and electric pumps, and aeration system for sewage.

The correct management of its business, dedication to water resources, creating sustainable opportunities, and implementing a responsible production policy are all important to the Caprari Group. The pump manufacturer has been among those enterprises that are committed to reducing environmental impact, which is why the corporate color that distinguishes its products is the well-known “Caprari Green.”

Caprari provides provide customers with efficient, high-value solutions due to the pump manufacturer’s highly diversified and specialized experience. From extraction in deep wells, draining, and waste water lifting to supplying and distributing water for residential and industrial use, including irrigation, Caprari has provided high-value solutions to its customers.

Caprari has over 700 employees. The pump manufacturer’s headquarters is located in Modena, Italy, but it utilizes multiple production facilities in Italy, China, Turkey, as well as numerous foreign subsidiaries and joint ventures. An extensive network of dealers and specialized assistance centers situated on all five continents reinforces their presence.

The management team celebrates the Caprari Group’s 70th anniversary with all the employees who have taken part in the life and growth of the company. The celebration is a way to appreciate the contributions of the people who have helped achieve the reputation that the pump manufacturer enjoys today. Caprari has a deep respect for the employees who make its success possible, which distinguishes the company from others in the industry.

Throughout its 70 years in business, the Caprari Group has kept a watchful eye on the changing markets. This has allowed the pump manufacturer to evolve with trends in order to provide customers with high-value solutions that express its international know-how.

Source: Caprari