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Caprari Launches CVX Energy Multistage Vertical Pumps

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

Since 1945, Caprari has provided solutions for integrated water cycle management through its product offerings of centrifugal and electric pumps. This year, the global company introduced its new range of multistage vertical electric pumps, CVX Energy, in stamped and welded stainless steel with inlet/outlet ports in-line in compliance with Directive 2009/125/EC (better known as the ErP Directive). The Directive encourages pump manufacturers to create more energy efficient products and label them as such for consumers.

Caprari’s new multistage vertical electric pump series offers high-quality products that serve a wide range of water treatment applications. Superior performance is coupled with energy efficiency in the pumps’ design; motors coupled to new hydraulic parts comply with IE2 efficiency class as per the standards set forth by Regulation 640/2009. The CVX Energy series pumps have been rated as in line with or more efficient than competitor products.

The pump parts that come into contact with liquid are constructed with stainless steel, while all massive parts are constructed with cast iron, protected and painted through a cataphoretic coating process. Floating flanges are also incorporated into the pump design, facilitating easier connection to the pipes and greater flexibility in the piping system as a whole. The electric pumps are certified for use with drinking water in accordance with national laws.

The CVX Energy series also features an integrated CapDRIVE frequency changer mounted directly onto the machine.

Source: WorldPumps.com