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Cat Pumps offers new plunger pumps to handle corrosive and aggressive liquids

Cat Pumps has debuted two new, stainless steel plunger pumps to meet the requirements of specialized industrial applications pumping corrosive and aggressive liquids.

The company recently announced the availability of the 316 Stainless Steel models 3501 and 3511, providing expanded corrosion resistance to Cat Pump's high pressure 3507 and 3517 triplex positive displacement plunger pumps.

The triplex high-pressure pumps are especially suited to applications such as hydrostatic pressure testing of vessels and pipes, flushing through small instrument lines, enhanced oil recovery, saltwater desalination and high pressure chemical dosing and injecting, according to a Cat Pumps news release. The new pumps offer both high efficiency and a long life.

The stainless steel plunger pumps also have a flushed option with models 3501C and 3511C, which provide cooling with hi-temp liquids and added lubrication with low lubricity liquids such as DI water or CO2.