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Compact API 674 Reciprocating Plunger Pumps Delivered to La Pampilla Refinery by Ruhrpumpen

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

Ruhrpumpen, a leading global centrifugal and reciprocating pump technology company that offers engineered solutions to the oil and gas, petrochemical, chemical, process, industrial, and mining markets, has recently been commissioned by Respol to provide two compact API 674 triplex reciprocating plunger pumps at its La Pampilla Refinery in Peru. The refinery, which is operated by Repsol, supplies half of the demand for petroleum distillate products in Peru.

Ruhrpumpen was selected by Intecsa Industrial and the EPC, which are working with Repsol, because of its reputation in the industry for delivering all requirements within a specified timescale. The project includes replacing aging and unreliable equipment that pumps light cycle oil, which is one of the products that is produced during the fluid catalytic cracking reaction.

There wasn’t a lot of space at the refinery, and the new project needed to be completed quickly. Ruhrpumpen created a one-of-a-kind compact arrangement based on its API 674 3rd edition RDP 70 triplex plunger pump that uses an in-line gearbox and B5-flange mounted motor that only requires a single coupling, which makes alignment easier. The seal system ensures minimal leakage, which was an extremely important consideration for the La Pampilla Refinery. A front pull-out design was also created which gives maintenance teams easy access to the seals without the need to remove the entire head unit.

Simon Watteau, Managing Director of the Ruhrpumpen Reciprocating Plunger Pumps department says, “We are delighted to see our pumps commissioned in the La Pampilla Refinery. Exploiting our innovative engineering teams and world class manufacturing facilities to produce these cost-effective, high volumetric efficiency plunger pumps to the tight deadline demanded by this project is where our organization excels, and we look forward to working on future projects in other locations around the world with Repsol.”

Source: Ruhrpumpen