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Company introduces solar-powered hand pumps

According to the azocleantech.com, Span Pumps of India has announced the availability of solar-powered hand pumps. The pumps are found to be useful in rural locations that do not have electric power or suffer from shortage of power.

Nitiyan Mutiyan, Span Pumps Director, said that a major proportion of India’s rural population utilize bore wells fitted with hand pumps for drinking water purposes. The solar enabled submersible pumps will allow the communities to draw up to 20,000 liters of water effortlessly and the drawn water can be stored in the overhead tanks for use.

The solar pump provided by the company includes a pump and a solar array and can be used to draw water from bore wells. The 300 to 800 W solar array will be installed near the well and an electric pump is located underneath the hand pump cylinder. The pump functions utilizing the power generated from the PV solar cells. The installed submersible pump shares the same pipe line along with the hand pump. The new system does not incorporate a battery or an inverter and directly utilizes the generated solar energy from the arrays. The outlet of the pump is connected to a storage tank to store the pumped water. The pump can function for 7 to 8 hours a day when the sun energy is available and the same pump can be used with hand operations after the setting of the sun. The system incorporates a backup power facility for continuous supply of water.

Span Pump is an Indian pump manufacturer that offers water pumps and irrigation pumps.