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Costs Reduced with the SPX Vane Pump

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

Plenty, a pump manufacturer that also produces mixers, filters, and filtration equipment, has a new vane pump with the technology to offer gentle, low shearing pumping action, low rate of wear, energy efficiency, and variable flow without variable speed drive systems. It incorporates a rotor between the vane tips and the stationary body core, with two sets of parallel flats machined on the inside service. In addition, the ends of the vane are angled, creating the same action as traditional vane pumps.

There are many benefits associated with this Plenty pump. Its gentle pumping action reduces turbulence and its flat blades create a large area of contact. The tip of the vane doesn’t rotate at high speeds, reducing its movement to 1/10 the distance, reducing wear.

The pumps offer a variable flow without variable drive systems with a movable inner body which enables variation in the eccentricity of the shaft relative to the rotor. The flow rate can be matched to the demands of the system, reducing wasted power and lowering the running cost of installation. With such low flow rates, up to 120 percent power savings can be achieved compared to regular positive displacement pumps.

The SPX pumps are robust with a thick section, eliminating any small parts that could break during harsh operating conditions. They meet international pump standards, including API 676. Many options and model variants are available that include manual, remote, or constant pressure control. Units can be further customized to handle exceptionally viscous and arduous applications.

With such a wide range of pump products, Plenty vane pumps are ideal for the transfer of viscous fluids from 2 cst to 75,000 cst, and even higher. The pumps are efficient and reliable with the ability to reduce running, maintenance, and installation costs compared to other products.

All solutions offered by Plenty are supported by a comprehensive global aftermarket service network with in depth knowledge of oil, gas, and petrochemical applications.

Source: SPX