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CUP-CEP Condensate Extraction Pumps Help Power Plants to Operate Efficiently

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

The ClydeUnion Pumps CUP-CEP condensate extraction pumps are designed for sub and supercritical applications, making them ideal for modern power plants. Condensate extraction pumps are critical to efficient operation because they are able to optimize the steam and water loop. In addition, the condensate extraction pumps from ClydeUnion Pumps are able to meet rigorous demands, regardless of fuel type or pressure requirements.

With over 140 years of industry experience, SPX's ClydeUnion Pumps is well known worldwide for supplying reliable and robust pumping solutions.

“Our experience spans across several complex industries including oil and gas, nuclear and conventional power generation, desalination, and other key markets relevant to our product portfolio," says Colin Elcoate, Vice President Market and Business Development at SPX Flow Power and Energy. “Bringing together the heritage products of the ClydeUnion Pumps brand has resulted in a consolidated and improved product. This provides benefits such as improved efficiency and suction performance, leading to reduced operating costs and improved reliability.”

The CUP-CEP pump range is vertically suspended and specifically designed to meet the requirements of the power generation industry for condensate extraction and heater drains. The pump range can be configured to accommodate above and below floor suction. The full range of pumps can also be provided with a single or double suction inlet stage in order to closely match Net Positive Suction Head. This ultimately reduces cavitation, which can cause catastrophic pump failure. Because the pumps are designed for 50 and 60Hz markets, they are able to be used with a range of 4 and 6 pole duties and pressure.

The condensate extraction pumps incorporate a cartridge design, mechanical seal, simplified vent pipe design, spider bearing housing, and standard bowl wear ring fitment. The pump range also utilizes optimal hydraulic designs from other heritage product ranges. The pumps have been installed in over 75 sites in more than 30 countries around the world.

Source: ClydeUnion