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Disaster Averted in South African Waters with help of Xylem’s Flygt Pumps

Last summer, a 230-meter-long Panamanian MV smart vessel ran aground outside the Port of Richard’s Bay. Heavy swells reaching 10 meters high caused the ship to break in half and become partially submerged off the Kwazulu-Natal coast.

Of immediate concern was the wellbeing of the 23 crew aboard the vessel, all of whom were airlifted to safety. The next step was to ensure that the 1,830 tons of heavy fuel oil and 150,000 tons of coal aboard the ship did not leak into the surrounding sea and endanger the local environment.

Six of Xylem’s Flygt 2600 series pumps were used to remove water from the ship and stabilize it, including five 2640 5.6 kilowatt pumps and one 2670 18 kilowatt pump. With the ship stabilized, technicians were able to safely unload the coal and fuel oil from the ship. Xylem’s pumps also prevented further flood damage to unaffected areas of the ship, minimizing damages and necessary repairs.

Shaun Hattingh, Samco Pumps, Xylem’s Kwazulu-Natal distributor said, “The operation went extremely well. Xylem’s Flygt pumps are designed in such a way that makes them ideal for use in confined spaces such as ships. Speed was of the essence in order to minimize the damage to sea life and recover the ship and the Flygt pumps worked efficiently to get the job done.”

Xylem is a leading manufacturer of submersible pumps and water technology. Its Flygt 2600 drainage pumps operate effectively with flows up to 100 liters/second (1500 gpm) and pressures to 90 meters (300 ft). The pumps are designed for professional use in tough mining, construction, tunneling, and industrial dewatering applications. The company also offers solutions for pumping applications in the food & beverage, mining, construction, agriculture, aquaculture and public utility industries.

Source: Xylem