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Double hose - diaphragm pumps guarantee minimum pulsation and wear

German pump manufacturer Feluwa's Multisafe double hose - diaphragms pumps make easy work of moving aggressive or abrasive products long distrance, according to a company news release. The positive displacement pumps offer two hose-diaphragrams, arranged one inside the other. The pumps provide a linear flow path and a redundant, hermetical sealing between the wet and drive end.

To achieve high flow rates -- with high efficiency and little irregularity -- Feluwa recommends a configuration of five single-acting cyclinder pumps. The quintuplex configuration not only allows for uniformities comparable with that of centrifugal pumps, but also contributes to a reduction of valve wear and life cycle costs.

When it comes to slurry pipelines, the expected variation of the dry solid content not only affects the viscosity of the product, but also causes fluctuations in the working pressure. This is where the redundancy of pulsation dampening equipment in Multisafe's quintuplex configuration can provide significant benefit.