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Drinking water plants to spend $6 billion on pumps, report forecasts

The world's drinking water plants will spend just under $6 billion this year for pumps, according to a new report from the Mcilvaine Company. Transferring the raw water to the plants, and distributing the drinking water to residential, commercial and industrial users requires moving hundreds of billions of gallons of water per day. The expansion of drinking water infrastructure in Asia is also boosting expected revenues in this sector.

Purchases of treatment and flow control products by drinking water plants will likely increase by 5 percent this year, the report forecasts. Mcilvaine estimates that total revenues will reach $18.5 billion. Pumps account for the greatest amount of purchases, followed by treatment chemicals. There is not only an increase in total volume of chemicals, but in the mix between chlorine and more expensive oxidants. The elimination of potentially toxic chlorine byproducts is driving this trend.

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