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EagleBurgmann Delivers 480mm Agitator Seal to a PTA Plant in China

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

SPX Flow ordered 13 agitator seals and supply systems for its PTA (Pure Terephthalic Acid) Plant in China. PTA is a pre-product of polyester and is used in massive quantities to manufacture textiles (90%) and PET bottles. The constantly increasing need for PTA has driven demand for greater capacities.

It is from this demand that the 1,500 kg mechanical seal was created, which presented new challenges to the agitator OEM and the engineers in Assembly and Trials. The agitator has a top entry drive capacity of 2,800 kW and weighs 84 tons, with the gear weighing around 20 tons.

After a 20-week construction and production period, the agitator seal was tested at the modern EagleBurgmann agitator test facility, which is equipped with sophisticated control and instrumentation technology. Representatives from the agitator OEM and end user customers observed the testing process.

As part of the test, the seal was operated with a rotational speed of 58 revolutions per minute. To simulate the heat that would be transferred by the product, the cooling flange was heated to 80°C.

“The seal exhibited no abnormalities during the test run,” says EagleBurgmann’s Sales Engineer Peter Totzauer. “All measured temperatures remained in the green.”

The test run concluded after 100 hours of continuous operation. After a cooling down phase, the seal was disassembled in the presence of inspectors, who jointly examined the sliding surfaces and other critical components.

All participants and specialists signed off on the test run as a success.

The operator of the PTA plant expects to run operate the seal for two years without interruptions. Continuous operation is critical because the seal is placed in the crystallizer, the heart of the system.

The seal is constructed with carbon graphite, silicon carbide, perfluorocarbon rubber (K) and fluorocarbon rubber (V). It has several features, including:

  • Shaft diameter 480 mm
  • Double seal for the medium pressure range
  • Hydraulically balanced
  • For top entry drive
  • Bi-directional
  • Ready for assembly cartridge type
  • Integrated radial bearings
  • Self-closing on the product side
  • Integrated cooling flange and cooled housing
  • Metallic materials in titanium executed on the product side


Source: Impeller Net