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EagleBurgmannís New Generation Cartex Cartridge Seals Utilize HighTech DiamondFace Coating Technology

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

EagleBurgmann Cartex, a manufacturer of seals for pumps, agitators, compressors, and more, continues to offer Cartex cartridge mechanical seals that are fitted to pumps in a wide variety of sectors including the chemistry, water applications, food industry, and more.

The cartridge mechanical seals have been successfully used for many years to seal all standard pumps. More than 500,000 seals have been installed, proving their reliability and economic efficiency. The seals are popular because life cycle costs are reduced by up to 30% compared to component seals. System downtimes are further reduced by 2/3 because there is no need for measuring work. Cartex seals have their own shaft sleeve with no dynamic O-ring.

The properties of the Cartex cartridge seals have been enhanced with a new generation that utilizes HighTech DiamondFace coating technology. The new eCartex seals use DF-coated seal faces that offer extreme hardness, resistance to wear, and excellent thermal conductivity which results in a high savings potential that pays off quickly. The seals reduce energy consumption by up to 80%, while the seal faces increase the operating period by up to 100%. For example, an uncoated Cartex-SN/43 (SiC/SiC) with 8,000 operating hours per year converts 3,200 kWh into friction energy. The same DF-coated eCartex cartridge seal saves approximately 2,500 kWh within the same timeframe.

There’s no need to replace existing Cartex cartridge mechanical seals to get the benefits of the new HighTech DiamondFace coating technology. The technology can easily be transferred to all Cartex seal types, upon request, by upgrading the seal or utilizing DiamondFace Technology when repairs are needed.

Advantages of HighTech DiamondFace coating technology:

  • Reduction of costs, compared to other component seals and extreme extension of MTBF/MTBR intervals
  • Unit is preassembled
  • With their own shaft sleeve and no dynamic O-ring, the pump shaft and shaft sleeve are fully protected
  • Increased power efficiency

Source: EagleBurgmann