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Ebsray to Exhibit at World LP Gas Forum/AEGPL Congress

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

Ebsray Pumps Pty. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of regenerative turbine and positive displacement pump technologies and specializes in liquid petroleum gas (LPG) and Autogas fluid-handling solutions. The global company will showcase its products at the 26th World LP Gas Form and AEGPL Congress 2013 next month from Oct. 1-3 at London’s Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre.

European and global LPG leaders will join together in the first ever combined World LP Gas Form and AEGPL Congress to discuss the latest opportunities and issues facing the industry, including how LPG can help the European Union meet its energy and environmental goals. This will also be the first event where Ebsray will be exhibiting as a member of Dover Corporation’s Pump Solutions Group (PSG), which bought Ebsray in May this year. This acquisition joined Ebsray and PSG’s Blackmer brand to expand coverage within the LPG and Autogas markets. Blackmer, based in Grand Rapids, MI, will exhibit alongside Ebsray in Booths 3.122, 3.123 and 5.180 during the event.

Ebsray will showcase several of its leading pumping technologies at the show, including its regenerative turbine pumps and sliding vane pumps. The company’s regenerative turbine pumps are specifically designed for the low-flow, high-head applications typically found in LPG and Autogas installations while its sliding vane pumps are highly efficient and self-priming, allowing them to provide long service life in even the toughest LPG and Autogas-handling conditions due to their ability to compensate for wear.

Source: PSG Dover