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Eccentric Disc Pump Technology Is Outperforming the Competition

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

Eccentric Disc pump technology, created by Mouvex, has greatly outperformed other pumps in the market, including gear and lobe pumps. Mouvex’s landmark product line is the A Series Eccentric Disc Pump, which happens to be celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. Since Mouvex joined PSG in 2008, it will be able to continue to position the line for global markets.

Originally, the technology was tailored to meet the needs of the Western European oil and gas chemical markets with a unique design that enables the pump to transfer materials without the risk of shearing. The technology includes the safe handling of emulsions, inks, adhesives, and resins in the chemical industry, as well as crude oil, waste oils, and other traditional and alternative fuels in the petroleum markets. However, over time, food manufacturers throughout Eastern Europe started using the disc pumps to handle cooking materials, like molasses, cooking oil, cocoa butter, and more.

Over time, the word has spread about the quality of this technology, and now supply needs to meet growing global demands.

The history of eccentric disc technology is quite interesting. It was invented in 1906 by French engineer Andre Petit to improve fluid transfer in mining operations. Gear and lobe pumps were inefficient, so Petit set out to create a pumping technology that was reliable and offered greater efficiency. He ended up inventing the eccentric disc pump principal, which simply means a disc is placed inside the pump cylinder where it is driven by an eccentric bearing that is installed on the pump shaft. This creates two separate pumping chambers which can increase and decrease in volume, producing both suction and discharge pressures. The disc technology ensures that fluids passing through the pump move at a constant rate with no efficiency-robbing wear due to wet parts.

Originally located in Paris, France, Mouvex was relocated to Auxerre, France in 1970, where the company’s headquarters remains today. In addition to offering innovative disc pump technologies, it offers many other industry-leading pump products.

Source: Mouvex