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Flowrox Launces Flowrox Expulse™ Product for Dampener Maintenance

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

Flowrox, an industrial valve and pump manufacturer, has announced the launch of the Flowrox Expulse™ product. This new product is designed to assist during pump and dampener maintenance by reducing noise and vibration associated with traditional methods. Not only does this prevent pipe damage, but it also reduces lost revenue due to costly repairs.

As a leader in the manufacturing of industrial valves and pumps, the Flowrox Expulse™ product is uniquely designed for use by companies in the oil, gas, mining, metallurgy, and environmental industries where pipes and valves are used to move materials or fluids using pressure. Where traditional pulsating pump dampeners produce unbalanced shaking that can result in pump failure, this new addition to the pump industry will quiet noise while settling pressure peaks, ultimately ensuring a continuous liquid flow.

Not only does this innovative new pump product solve many industrial issues, but it also reduces energy consumption by up to 10 percent, since it is able to absorb up to 90 percent of pulsations. In addition, the device’s reduction in the hammering of the pipeline and pump can lead to an extended operational lifetime for the pump bearing and gearbox. This is especially important for industries that face wear and tear in high-performance environments. Add to that this pump product’s ability to prevent the collection of sediment, this innovation can truly boast about its ease of installation and carefree maintenance.

“A shutdown due to a threat to pipe integrity can not only be costly, but hamper the ability to generate revenue for clients who depend on this type of equipment,” says Todd Loudin, President of Flowrox. “Our company has designed the Flowrox Expulse™ to help reduce the chance of pipe damage and breakage in a cost-effective manner.”

Flowrox is known for the performance of its products. Not only does this pump manufacturer include a 1-year guarantee on its Flowrox Expulse™ product, it will also replace the hose set in the event of a breakage while the system is in use.

Source: Flowrox