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Flowserve Chemical Process Pump Wins Innovation Award

Flowserve Corporation's Durco® Mark 3 ISO chemical process pump won the 2012 Ringier Technology Innovation Award in the Centrifugal Pumps category, the company recently announced.

The Ringier Technology Innovation Awards were developed to encourage, acknowledge and reward those individuals and companies at the forefront of the international pump and valve industry. The award recognizes those who have introduced and developed a new idea, methodology, product or technology for manufacturing production efficiency, cost effectiveness, or user convenience which results in energy savings and more responsible clean manufacturing in the pump and valve industry. The awards also recognize those who have helped elevate China’s pump and valve industry to new levels.

“We are honored to receive the Ringier Technology Innovation Award for our Durco Mark 3 ISO chemical process pumps,” said Bob Hendricks, president, Industrial Pump Operations. “Receiving the Ringier Technology Innovation Award further validates our continuing technology innovation efforts, which are specifically targeted to reduce the cost of operating and maintaining pumps in order to improve the profitability of our customers.”

The Durco Mark 3 ISO pump range incorporates many advanced design features and is designed to offer end users the benefits of a price-competitive, high-efficiency, high-reliability pump. To design the pump, the Flowserve team utilized state of the art hydraulic and modeling software and drew on its more than 30 years of with its ANSI/ASME B73.1 stablemate, the Durco Mark 3 ANSI chemical process pump.

The Durco Mark 3 ISO pump offers flows up to 1400 m3/h (cubic meters per hour)/6160 U.S. gpm, heads to 220 m/720 ft and operating temperatures from -80 C to 400 C (-112 F to 752 F). It's available in 45 sizes, as well as many designs, configurations and material combinations.

The new pump offers increased reliability through its heavy-duty casing, large radial and thrust bearings, and SealSentryTM seal chamber. A range of impeller options is available. The Durco signature “reverse vane” impeller brings significant benefits, including ease of maintenance and repeatable pump performance throughout the life of the pump. In addition the pump's back pullout design, two-piece bearing housing, micrometer-style impeller adjustment mechanism and high degree of parts interchangeability help cost effective maintenance become a possibility.

Each Durco Mark 3 ISO pump comes with the new IPS Beacon™ condition monitoring unit. Mounted on the bearing housing, this battery-powered device provides a clear visual indication if temperature or vibration levels exceed pre-set limits.