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Fuji Electric Awarded Green Building Product Certificate

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

Fuji Electric, a power electronics company known for its variable speed drives, was recently awarded the Green Building Product Certificate by the Singapore Green Building Council. The company's products, FRENIC-HVAC and FRENIC-AQUA, allow complete control of fan and pump applications while saving energy, which ultimately results in monetary savings for the end user. This puts Fuji Electric in a unique position to meet customer needs for efficient industrial and commercial pumps and equipment.

The FRENIC-HVAC slim-type inverter is designed to optimize energy consumption in office and industrial buildings that utilize HVAC equipment. Because HVAC systems generally consume 50% of a building’s total electricity, it is especially important that these inverters are installed in both industrial and commercial properties. By monitoring regular HVAC operations, pump suppliers, wastewater industries, and office buildings are able to reduce costs and power consumption.

These small inversion devices offer sensor inputs for both temperature and flow rate. 4PID functions monitor and control critical processes for efficient building automation functions, saving money on basic operations. Each inverter comes standard with advanced features to meet the requirements of water treatment plants, including cascade control, dry pump detection, slow flow rate function, and pick-up operation. Each unit also comes with a removable keypad, fire mode, and filter clogging prevention functions.

The power electronics company was also honored at the 2014 Asian Manufacturing Awards and received the prestigious award of Best Variable Speed Drive Provider. And because Fuji Electric is an industry leader in power electronics and power semiconductors, they are also able to offer their customers a 3-year warranty.

Fuji Electric continues to demonstrate their commitment to green technologies through their development of power electronics, power semiconductors, and variable speed drives. Its high-performance FRENIC-HVAC and FRENIC-AQUA slim-type inverters are a must for water treatment plants or any other water or wastewater industrial application.

Source: Fuji Electric