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Full Containment Capabilities of PSG Seal-Less Pump Technologies Will Be Highlighted at ACHEMA

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

PSG, a Dover company and global leader in the manufacture of pumps, systems, and other flow-control technologies, will be displaying a full array of its seal-less pumps at ACHEMA, the world’s largest trade show for the chemical-processing industry. PSG is dedicated to the safe and efficient movement, measurement, and control of critical and valuable materials within targeted global growth markets. The manufactures its pumps on three continents, including North America, Europe and Asia.

Seal-less pumps are ideal for a variety of applications, but especially for the chemical processing market. Not only can substances be quite expensive, any loss due to a pump leak can be devastating to the end user's bottom line, which is why achieving full containment of raw chemical materials and finished products is especially important to chemical processors. The answer to fully containing potentially hazardous material is seal-less pumps. PSG offers two product lines that offer seal-less pump technologies for use in chemical processes, both of which will be on display at ACHEMA: Mouvex Eccentric Disc Pumps & EnviroGear Internal Gear Pumps.

The Mouvex SLC Series Eccentric Disc Pumps have been designed to provide premium performance, while offering the ultimate in containment and safety in a variety of chemical-processing applications. The SLC pumps feature a unique seal-less design that ensures durability, safety, and product containment by utilizing double stainless-steel bellows. The disc pumps deliver high suction and discharge pressures which allow the pump to prime itself while fully maximizing product containment.

The EnviroGear Seal-Less Internal Gear Pumps are part of PSG’s Maag Industrial Pumps product portfolio. The EnviroGear pumps utilize a seal-less design that features a patented between-the-bearings support system. The system effectively eliminates leaks and reduces mechanical wear. The internal gear pumps offer the highest level of environmental safety, especially in applications that involve dangerous or hazardous chemicals.

Source: PSG Dover