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German pump manufacturer helps bring world great beer

To brew great beer, you need quality water – and pump maker Wilo SE helps some of the world’s greatest brewers access it.
Case in point: The Paulaner brewery in Munich, Germany. The beer, first brewed by Minim monks in 1634, is made with brewing water from four onsite wells, which are up to 240 meters deep.
The well water is estimated to be 13,000 years and dates back to the last age. Its old age and great depth keep the water free from environmental influences and contribute to the taste of beers brewed with it.
German pump manufacturer Wilo SE has long provided Paulaner with its submersible pumps to ensure the brewery a reliable supply of its brewing water. The high quality materials in the Wilo-EMU K and WILO-EMU NK series pumps help keep the water pristine.
The brewery currently uses nine Wilo-EMU pumps, which deliver 900,000 cubic meters of glacier water to the brewery each year.
Source: Wilo SE website news release