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Goulds introduces new e-SV multi-stage pumps

Goulds Pumps has enhanced its line of stainless steel, vertical multi-stage pumps with its new e-SV models. Goulds is a brand of the ITT corporation.

The e-SV pumps feature an innovative hydraulic design and highly efficient motor that lowers lifecycle costs and increases energy savings. The pumps are suited for many commercial and industrial applications.

The new design also reduces maintenance time by eliminating the need to remove the motor. The mechanical seal can also be replaced without dissembling the pump.

The e-SV pumps’ stainless steel construction and NSF certification meet municipalities’ requirements for pure water while providing corrosion resistance and easy installation.

The e-SV pump can be used in a wide variety of applications including water supply and pressure boosting, water treatment, light industry, heating, ventilation and air conditioning and irrigation and farming.

Goulds Pumps is leading manufacturer of centrifugal pumps, turbine pumps and more.

Source: Goulds.com