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Grindex debuts updated, tougher series of slurry pumps

Grindex has improved its Bravo series of slurry pumps, according to a story in World Pumps. The Bravo series of submersible electric pumps -- for use in mines, quarries, dredging and construction -- are designed to be even tougher. The pumps are made for operations that require the transfer of abrasive materials such as stone, bentonite or steel. The Bravo series slurry pumps can also be used to move various kinds of slag products such as coal and ore slurry or in the dredging and cleaning sediment ponds.

The pump's hydraulic parts are made from Hard-Iron, a high chromium cast iron that is four times harder than standard cast iron. The updated pumps are fitted with 4-pole low revolution motors from 4.7 KW to 70 KW. This allows to pumps to quickly and effectively move large amounts of slurry with a high particle content. The slurry pumps have an agitator underneath the pump intake that works as a propeller, creating a downward stream to stir up the material before pumping.

The Bravo 400-900 pumps have interchangeable parts, which reduces on storage and maintenance. The line is comprised of eight pumps with capacities ranging from 30 to 130 litres per second.