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Griswold Pump features web-based pump selection software

Griswold Pump announces it's web-based pump selection software. The software gives users the ability to select and evaluate the best pump for their requirements. Griswold Pump offers ANSI process pumps, end suction pumps, magnetic drive pumps, self-priming pumps, slurry pumps, and submersible turbine pumps.

The software allows the user to specify their systems design point (of head and flow), desired pump type and speed, NPSH, and fluid characteristics. The software then searches the Griswold Pump catalog of pump curves to determine the pumps that meet the users criteria. The software displays a list of pump curves along with the pump size, NPSHr, efficiency and power consumption. These values can be used to compare the pumps.

After creating a list of pumps, the program will generate a performance curve that shows pump head, efficiency, horsepower and NPSHr as a function of flow rate. Additional information can also be displayed, such as impeller diameter, speed, shutoff head, maximum horsepower, best efficiency point, minimum flow, motor data and much more. A number of additional simulations can be made to the pump curve to evaluate performance. The speed can be adjusted and the impeller can be reduced.

The software can be found on the Griswold Pump website.

Source: ChemicalProcessing.com