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Grundfos celebrates opening of production facility focused on municipal waste water

Grundfos recently celebrated the opening of a new "competency center" in Aurora, outside of Chicago. It's company's first U.S. production facility dedicated exclusively to the municipal waste water market.

Housed in the 105,000-square-foot, pump-manufacturing facility of the former Yeomans Chicago Corporation (YCC), which Grundfos acquired in December 2008. The global pump manufacturer invested several million dollars in new equipment and systems to upgrade the facility and ready it for the production of Grundfos-brand waste water pump systems, which were previously made by the company in Europe and Asia. The company started production of the facility's first product, the Grundfos S-Line of energy-efficient wastewater pumps, in February.

Grundfos has several competency centers around the world. Their newest facility brings together a fully integrated team of municipal waste water experts with specialties including engineering, manufacturing, product sales and service, distribution, regulatory issues and equipment testing. The Chicago facility currently employs 93 people.

"This center is pivotal to Grundfos becoming a leader in the North American municipal waste water business. We have big ambitions for the next five years, as we strive to double--if not triple--our sales in that key segment, with commensurate growth in our product offering," said Jes Munk Hansen,  Grundfos North America CEO and president, at the facility's opening ceremony.

Grundfos expects to use the Aurora Water Utility Center as a platform for launching increasingly sophisticated, energy-saving pump technologies in the coming years, all targeting the waste water market. While the segment has been slow to adopt these more advanced--and therefore more costly--technologies because of a slumping economy and local-government budget shortfalls, Hansen is confident that the current brake on infrastructure spending will not last much longer.

"That is why our focus at Grundfos is on developing more energy-efficient pumping products, and why we look at the market in terms of the next two decades, instead of the next two quarters," says Hansen. "As a privately held organization, we can afford to have a long-term perspective with regard to our investments and business strategy. Our dedication to the municipal water market in North America is a long-term strategy."