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Grundfos donates SmartFlo SQE Constant Pressure System to experimental house

Pump manufacturer Grundfos has long supported its dealers in their efforts to give back to their communities. The company did just that recently, when a Grundfos dealer from near Columbus, Ohio requested that the company donate one of its SmartFlo SQE Constant Pressure Systems to an experimental home being constructed for a woman in a wheelchair, according to a recent Grundfos news release.

Rosemarie Rossetti, Ph.d, has been using a wheelchair for 12 years following an spinal cord injury that severely limits her mobility. Rossetti and her husband, Mark Leder, have embarked on a project aimed at enhancing the quality of the 54 million in the U.S. with physical disabilities by creating accessible, comfortable living environments. Their efforts will also benefit the millions of aging Baby Boomers.

The couple is working with architects, builders and the public to create a Universal Design Living Laboratory. The laboratory is house that showcases unobtrusive universal design, energy efficient green building methods, advanced technology and even a bit of feng shui design principles. The outdoor spaces will also accommodate people of varying abilities, with wheelchair accessible pathways and raised flowerbeds and containers.

Rosetti and Leder plan to live in the home once it's completed.

The energy efficient goals of the project and need for a reliable water supply matched well with Grundfos SmartFlow SQE Constant Pressure System. The pump system features pump performance that adjusts water pressure to meet demand; soft starts and stops that prevent water hammering and eliminates power surges: and overload protection that protects the motor from unstable voltage supply.

Leder is serving as the general contractor on the project. He said the contractor who drilled the well recommended the pump system. "This pump maintains fantastic pressure and starts without effort ... now we know why."