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Grundfos’ Focus on Sustainability Creates Results

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

The Grundfos Group recently released its 2012 Sustainability Data report as part of the company’s overall commitment towards improving sustainable operations for the seventh year in a row. The report reflects real, positive change as an effect of this commitment through reduced work-related accidents and carbon emissions.

“We are convinced that if we both make a dedicated effort and measure the results, the probability of reaching the targets also increase significantly. This way, the gathering and communication of data creates results in itself,” says Penile Blach Hansen, Director of Sustainability.

In 2008, Grundfos pledged to combat climate change, which have been directly linked to carbon emmissions, by decreasing its carbon emissions exponentially every year. In 2012, the company reduced emissions by 10 percent from the previous year – a full 16 percent lower than the 2008 benchmark. “The numbers show black-on-white that the targets have been fulfilled – and then some – even though the group's production grows year after year,” says Karen Touborg, Manager, Group Environment, Health and Safety.

The groups’ success can be attributed to increased maintenance and improved efficiency pumps and motors. In addition, factory energy consumption has been altered to emit fewer emissions than previous forms.

Through their commitment to sustainable development, Grundfos has also been able to improve working conditions. In 2012, workplace accidents per hour decreased by 19 percent from the 2011. This reflects a drastic reduction in accidents since 2008 by nearly half.

Grundfos is a leading manufacturer of centrifugal pumps and more.

Source: Grundfos.com