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Grundfos Pumps to Invest in India

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

Grundfos Pumps, the world's largest pump manufacturer, plans to double its production capacity by setting up an additional unit in India. This expansion hinges on the pump company’s planned investment of Rs. 230 crores over the next five years.

Mr. CarstenBjerg, Group President of Grundfos, says: "The turnover of Grundfos is 3.5 Billion Euros (252 Billion Crores INR) globally. With the turnover of Rs. 318 Crores in 2012; we are planning for 2 full fledged production units in Chennai with 1000 job creations in the next 5 years in India."

A research and development section, to be built in the next two years, will satisfy demands within the Indian specific market. The pump company is making long-term success a priority over short-term profit, ensuring uncompromising quality and sustainable growth in this venture.

"Grundfos currently has 55 distributors and over 140 dealers across the country and are in the process of expanding the distributors and dealership networks to boost the sales," says Mr. N.K Ranganath, MD, Grundfos India.

Since its establishment in 1998, Grundfos India has grown exponentially, selling products in India, Bangladesh, Bhtan, and the Madives. In 2012, the company saw a turnover of Rs. 318 crores and expects a turnover of Rs. 1000 crores in the next 5 years. Given its past success in the Indian market, valued at 950 million Euro, Grundfos India is confident about its future. The company supplies pumps to all sectors of the market, including industries, commercial, and domestic building services; in all segments, it reports 100% customer satisfaction.

Source: PRNewsWire.com