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Grundfos Supplies Water Utility Company with Pump Systems

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

Grundfos, a water systems and pump manufacturer, will be supplying the Romagna Acque Water Utility Company with its ISIA systems to treat drinking water. Because the water utility company uses surface water that is exposed to harmful bacteria to supply more than 1.1 million people in Northern Italy with clean drinking water, treatment is necessary.

“The water’s chemical and biological composition are subject to strict legislation, when it’s intended to be used for drinking water. We therefore have to take several different parameters into consideration when we treat the water. It’s particularly important to neutralize bacteria and other microorganisms,” explains Davide Lolli of Romagna Acque.

The Romagna Acque Water Utility Company handles all the water in the region. However, these circumstances are not unique to the area. Most of the drinking water in Northern Italy comes from surface water, just like many other places around the world.

The challenge is in selecting the best solution for the water purification process. The water utility company has chosen to use a disinfection method which depends on precise portions of chlorine to treat the water. However, the method can bring along dangerous by-products. That’s why the Romagna Acque Water Utility Company has chosen to treat its drinking water with Grundfos ISIA systems. These systems can add the chlorine directly in, and under, the water, reducing the risk of aerial contamination.

“The system is also very effective, meaning that we don’t have to use as many reactors when producing the chlorine dioxide. By using fewer chemicals, we reduce the number of by-products in the drinking water drastically, and thereby enhance water quality,” says Davide Lolli.

The ISIA solution from Grundfos can even be scaled to meet the needs of each user, which brings a high measure of flexibility.

Source: Grundfos