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Grundfos unveils new digital dosing pumps for water treatment and chemical process applications

Grundfos has debuted a new series of digital dosing pumps aimed at complex water treatment and process applications. The new dosing pumps are designed to meet the demands of systems that involve degassing, concentrated and viscous chemicals.

The Grundfos SMART digital dosing pumps provide precision, reliability and can even help save money. The intelligent flow control offers high dosing accuracy that saves chemicals. The pumps also contain an intelligent microprocessor that compares the user-set capacity against the real-time signals and adapts the injection rate.

The pumps can be used in a range of water-treatment applications including drinking, process, surface, ground, recycle and reuse, and recreational. The digital dosing pumps are also ideal for use in chemical dosing, disinfection, pH-adjustment, cooling and boiler, precipitation/flocculation and reverse osmosis.

Grundfos offers three pump ranges. All sport powerful, variable speed motors, a universal power supply and a full PTFE diaphragm. Carlos Uribe, the regional dosing product manager for Grundfos Pumps, said that the user-friendly display and menu make the pumps easy to operate, while their integrated flow intelligence provides for safe and continuous processes.