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H2O Innovation Inc. Nominated at the Global Water Summit for Doubling Water Capacity at Californian Water Reuse System

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

H2O Innovation Inc., a leader in membrane filtration, recently helped the City of Long Beach face the harsh drought hitting California by participating in the Leo J. Vander Lans water treatment system expansion project. The City of Long Beach has used a water reuse system to recycle its wastewater since 2003 and wanted to increase its system's filtration capacity in order to reduce imported water. Like many other cities have done, the City of Long Beach turned to H2O Innovation Inc for a solution. 

In collaboration with CDM Smith, H2O Innovation Inc, designed, manufactured, and commissioned the expansion of the Leo J. Vander Lans reverse osmosis system. Both the old train and the new train are comprised of two filtration stages and together produce a total of 6.8 MGD (25,740 m3/d) of indirect reuse potable water. The concentration is then further processed by three new trains. The new equipment will replenish groundwater wells, which will help to prevent sea water infiltration.

The three new membrane filtration trains produce an extra 0.6 MGD (2,271 m3/d) of reuse potable water, bringing the total produced water to 7.4 MGD (28, 011 m3/d). In addition, these trains are redundant, so two of them could be used for filtration while the remaining train goes through a backwash cycle. Re-filtering the concentrate from the first two trains brings the recovery rate up to 92.5% and limits the sewer discharge of the system to 0.76 MGD (2,876 m3/d), which is lower than the original discharge rate before the expansion.

Because of the success experienced by the City of Long Beach, The Leo J. Vander Lans project was nominated at the Global Water Summit for Water Treatment Project of the Year.

"H2O Innovation is proud to have been part of this great project. As California is suffering from a major drought, it shows once again how we are able to help the region develop new and sustainable water resources," says Mr. Frédéric Dugré, President and Chief Executive Officer of H2O Innovation Inc.

Source: H20 Innovation