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H2O Innovation Inc. Provides Advanced Water Treatment System to Drought Stricken California

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

H2O Innovation Inc., a leader in membrane filtration and custom-built water treatment solutions, has successfully delivered an advanced containerized water treatment system to the Cambria Community Service District in California. The new pump system is designed to be used during the dry months in order to help the community overcome the impact of a 10 year drought. This new system will provide a flow rate of 587 gpm (3,200 m3/d), making it highly effective in drought situations.

The pump company, in collaboration with CDM Smith, designed, manufactured, and commissioned a containerized water treatment system that includes six shipping containers, a housing ultrafiltration (UF) system, and reverse osmosis (RO) systems. Together, these pump systems are able to treat a mix of brackish water, fresh water, and secondary effluent. In addition, a pre-filtration strainer is followed by a UF system, which is then followed by two reverse osmosis trains. Finally, a third RO train further processes the concentrate of the first two RO trains to achieve an overall recovery of 92%. The entire chemical dosing system is mounted in independent containers which makes the SCADA room more comfortable for the operator.

After the water is fully treated and is compliant with indirect potable reuse regulations, it is injected into the groundwater basin at the San Simeon Well Field. This water will replenish the San Rosa Creek and San Simeon Creek aquifers that serve as fresh water sources for Cambria.

With this new UF-RO water treatment system in place, Cambria can now face the drought affecting central coastal California by providing its clients with sufficient high-quality water, even though the supply is low.

"Cambria is very satisfied with the system provided by H2O Innovation and the overall execution supervised by CDM Smith,” says Jerry Gruber, General Manager at the Cambria Community Service District. “We had a pressing need for a new water source and our problem was resolved promptly with this containerized water treatment system.”

Source: H20 Innovation Inc.