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Hayward Pool Pumps Earn Energy Star Certification

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

The EPA recently established the first Energy Star certification requirements for pool pumps; Hayward Pool Products’ variable speed pumps meet these standards, which are directed towards the larger goal of preventing climate change by encouraging energy efficiency.

Energy Star certified pumps are not only the more sustainable choice- according to the EPA, they will also save customers thousands of dollars over their lifetime. Within three years, most pool pumps pay for themselves. The pumps also run more quietly and prolong the life of a pool’s filtering system. “We take Hayward’s commitment to manufacturing environmental-responsible pool products very seriously,” says Scott Petter, Hayward Product Manager of Pumps and Above-Ground Equipment. “So, we’re pleased that the EPA is recognizing the important energy savings and overall environmental benefits that our pool pumps provide.”

Hayward variable speed models that have received Energy Star certification are labeled as such to help consumers and the trade recognize them as energy efficient models. They include: EcoStar®, EcoStar® C, EcoStar® SVRS, EcoStar® C SVRS, Super Pump® VS, and Max-Flo VSTM. Additional Hayward pool pumps are being evaluated for the Energy Star certification, and will be announced as such after the evaluation is complete.

Energy Star certified pumps offer a solution to a commonly cited problem by the EPA: many consumers are unaware how much energy is wasted by a non-certified pool pump because different pool operations require different pool pump speeds. Energy Star certified pool pumps can be programmed to run at a variety of speeds depending on the specific pool application. This feature results in substantial energy reduction; a one-half reduction in pump speed translates to one-eighth of energy usage.

Pool pump-related facts from the EPA:

- Energy Star certified pumps are 30-72 percent more efficient, on average, than standard models and will save consumers approximately $160 per year

- Pump efficiency varies depending on climate, size of pump, and number of speeds used

- If all pool pumps in the United States were Energy Star certified, savings would equal approximately $113 million per year nationwide and decrease greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to those from 140,000 vehicles.

Energy Star certification is dependent on an EPA-recognized third party evaluation and testing in an EPA-recognized laboratory. Hayward’s pool products were also required to complete verification testing programs conducted by recognized certification bodies.

Source: Hayward-Pool.com