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Increased Sewer Volumes Are Easily Handled by Vaughan Chopper Pumps

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

Vaughan, a pump manufacturer and supplier with more than 50 years of experience, offers chopper pumps that are able to meet a variety of challenges. Chopper pumps from Vaughan will be used to increase the capacity at Thames Water’s Beckton and Crossness sewage treatment works in East London.

As one of Europe’s largest sewers serving 3.5 million people, Thames Water is upgrading its equipment in order to increase capacity by 60 percent. This increase is important because predicted population increases will reach 10 percent by 2021. The new super sewers will be able to feed significant volumes of sewage and effluent to the upgraded treatment works.

The projects are valued at £190m for the Beckton location and £220m for the Crossness location. Treatment capacity will be boosted by 44 percent and reduce the volume of sewage that frequently overflows into the Thames when a powerful storm moves through the area. A key part of the updates involves the extraction of biogas from the organic waste in the sewage that’s processed on both sides. The plants are sufficiently powered by biogas through combined heat and power (CHP) generating systems, all with the possibility of selling excess energy back into the national grid.

Twelve anaerobic digesters will extract gas across two sites. The digesters use a pair of Vaughan HE6W10-277 horizontal chopper pumps driven by 30 kw/4 pole WEG motors, specially selected and supplied by P&M Pumps Ltd.

Each pump set is located outside the large-scale Rotamix digester systems and pumps through four floor-mounted double nozzle assemblies inside each 3600 m3 digester. This feature achieves a complete and dynamic mix and suspends all organics, fats, oils and grease (FOG), grit, and non-organic solids into a homogenous slurry.

The WEG motors conform to ATEX and are EExd rated to operate at high efficiencies. The motors are an important factor in contributing to the project’s energy efficiency.   

Source: Vaughan