A Better, Faster Way to Source Pumps

ITT pumps can help create outdoor ice rinks

Here's some welcome cool news for a hot summer day. ITT pumps can and have helped create outdoor ice surfaces for hockey rinks in less than perfect conditions. Here's the story, according to ITT's website.

Many of the best ice hockey players in the world learned to play on frozen ponds and lakes. So in an attempt to get back to their roots, many professional hockey organizations have created "pond hockey" games on outdoor rinks built in open-air soccer and football stadiums. Turning grass to ice is tough, but ITT's Lowara pumps can help. In 2010, the pumps provided the flow of chilling fluid that converted an outdoor area in Germany into the largest-ever ice hockey stadium -- filled with 77,000 people for the World Ice Hockey Championships.

Now more hockey organizations are considering doing the same.

The Lowara pump makes such an event possible because they push chilling fluid considerable distances. This is important because with outdoor ice arenas, the chilling stations are far from the ice -- usually tucked underneath the stands. The ITT pumps can push an unfreezable saline water mix -- chilled to between negative 40 and negative 60 degrees -- across the rink floor and through a series of pipes that run below the ice surface.

The chilled solution in the pipes keeps the ice cool, even with the heat from the sun and crowd. The ITT pumps provide the hydraulic pressure to make it all happen. Now that's some pumps at work.